Now Playing | January 2018

I've decided to pick this series up again. One of my very first posts on this blog was this post in which I discussed a few albums I was loving at the time. Though I don't have full albums to share with you, I thought instead that I could share a playlist of songs I've been … Continue reading Now Playing | January 2018


REVIEW | Glossier Makeup

Yes, I finally caved in to the Glossier hype. It's true. In a moment of weakness after getting a big paycheck, I placed an order for a few of my most sought after items on the Glossier website. I had been lusting after the brand for a while—due in part to their visually attractive image—and finally … Continue reading REVIEW | Glossier Makeup

A Year in Review | 2017

Guess who's back, back again? I am back. It's me. Today I bring you a rather informal post to announce my return and thoughts about the new year. Sorry it's a bit late. Truthfully, it has taken me a while to collect my thoughts, but I've come up with a few of my bests, self-reflections, … Continue reading A Year in Review | 2017

My Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | 2017

Hello pumpkins! Now that the weather is cooling down considerably (or should be), it's finally time to reintroduce pants and layers into my wardrobe. Hallelujah. I think that this time of year gives people so much more opportunity to showcase their style. It's wonderful. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot more work and money (hello, … Continue reading My Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | 2017