My Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | 2017

Hello pumpkins! Now that the weather is cooling down considerably (or should be), it's finally time to reintroduce pants and layers into my wardrobe. Hallelujah. I think that this time of year gives people so much more opportunity to showcase their style. It's wonderful. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot more work and money (hello, … Continue reading My Fall Wardrobe Wishlist | 2017


3 Simple & Healthy Breakfasts

One thing that I've been trying to keep up with since moving back home is eating cleaner. There's something to be said for cleaner eating and how it makes such a huge difference in my energy and mood. And just like your mom always told you, breakfast might just be the most important meal of … Continue reading 3 Simple & Healthy Breakfasts

The Empties

I don't know about you guys, but I always get this weird satisfaction after finishing an entire product or using something to its very end. It also means that I've probably made a pretty solid opinion on those things, so I wanted to share some of those "empties" and some of my thoughts about them. … Continue reading The Empties

Now Playing

I haven't quite decided what I want this blog to be yet, but as of now, I'm feeling it'll be a bit of everything. So, why not talk about music a li'l bit? Music is a pretty dope thing to talk about. I've basically been listening to the same three albums over these past couple … Continue reading Now Playing